I began my career as an artist at 14 after being influenced by a middle school art teacher.  I have been involved in some way with art and photography ever since, and after raising four kids, I began taking classes again in photography, drawing and painting. Currently and for the last 20+ years, I have been a student of well known artist, David Zuccarini.  My paintings and photography have been displayed at several museums in the mid-atlantic region and  published in Popular Photography's online mentor trek series as well as several other publications in the region. You can also find my work on display and for sale at art festivals primarily along the east coast of the US.


The things that inspire my art work? Read on...



I owe it all to Mr. Spencer, my eighth grade art teacher back in Milford Center, Ohio.  He inspired me to start down the artist's road and many canvases later I'm still discovering new ways to express my own view of the world. This comes out most intimately through my paintings.  The way I connect people, nature and my own experience of life comes together in a mysterious way and suddenly, it seems obvious to me how to express these connections thru my painting.  It never ceases to surprise me when what was "all in my head" becomes real on my canvas!



Beginning with film and dark room and transitioning to digital, I have always reached for my camera in order to share what I see with others. I try to let my photography be what it is--a moment captured that can continue to bring beauty, emotion and light into the world long after that moment has past.



I would love to hear from you!  If you have questions or would like more information on anything you have seen on this site, please email me at vjthurston@essenceartandphoto.com or call 410.961.7341

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