the mystic artist

Thanks for reading the first line of my first blog!

This blog will explore my own art process (and resulting work, hopefully) as well as other artists that I have found inspirational and/or fascinating in some way. It could be some famous artist’s work from eras gone by or it could be someone I met who doesn’t claim to be an artist, but art and creativity oozes out of him or her...someone who displays all the symptoms of the mysterious creature we call “artist”.

I hope to post something about once a week, but, you all know how that goes. Rather than wax eloquent here to fill up the required “about me” section, to start things off I want to share a poem that I wrote years ago that expresses the mystic artist in me.

I want to live.

I want to live in the aura

of the glowing moon

in a blue-velvet sky.

I want to be.

I want to stay in that place

where my soul soars free,

where I can learn to be,

learn how to be me.

I want to float on the arms

of the orange-red sunset

as she stretches her

glorious, gentle fingers

to welcome the night.

I want to fly.

I want to sit with The Artist,

my Kindred Spirit,

with our legs dangling over the edge

of a frosty, autumn day,

and discover together the depths

of truth and beauty and love,

as only two artists can know.

I want to live.

-VJ Thurston

You made it. Thanks for reading all the way to the end!

Until next time,


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